Old Scrotum, the Wrinkled Retainer (lordlucan) wrote in digicams,
Old Scrotum, the Wrinkled Retainer

With my good mates Brendan and Master Nicholas, I went on a tramping trip. We stayed a couple of nights in the Sandy Bay hut, on the shore of Lake Waikareiti in the Hawke's Bay region of New Zealand.

Here's a shot of Lake Waikaremoana disappearing into the mist, taken before we arrived at the start of the trail.

Aniwaniwa Stream, just before the trail starts.

Same stream, other direction.

Master Nicholas (L) and Brendan (R) at the start of the trail.

Not a real cigarette, as I have discarded tobacco in favour of nicotine-enriched glycerine. Even so, DOC will likely not want this for a publicity shot.

Typical view of the trail.

Me and Master Nicholas taking a break.

Brendan presses onward.

Brendan and Master Nicholas taking a break. Brendan looks absolutely buggered. Fuck him. He's got hair, and I haven't.

See what I mean?

From the Lake Waikareiti day shelter. These people had paid $40 to hire the boat, and they were bloody well getting their money's worth, weather be damned!

(They changed their minds pretty quickly. Fair call - hypothermia can be unpleasant.)

This photo is rather spoiled by whatever it is blocking the shot at the bottom left. Oh well.

We found this adorable, tiny little beach!

First sight of the Sandy Bay hut.

When tramping in the New Zealand bush, it is your right - nay, your duty - to look like a complete twat.

Another view of the hut. It's a nice hut.

Sandy Bay beach, from just outside the hut.

With the departure of these good people after the first night, we had the hut to ourselves. Naturally, we made good use of this time by getting absolutely arseholed.

While exploring the bush in search of firewood...

...we found a tree root that, when viewed from a certain angle, looked like an arse. Oh how we laughed!

Brendan and Master Nicholas managed to get a fire going...

...and kept it going very nicely, in spite of the fact that it pissed down shortly thereafter. I was most impressed.

Lake Waikareiti, from the other end of Sandy Bay.

Sandy Bay, during the fifteen or so minutes of fine weather we had during our expedition.

Another random view of the trail, during the walk back.

That was fun! We are so going to do more of this!

Goodnight. :)
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