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Spring has sprung....FINALLY!

After have records amounts of this  (ps: the truck is stuck. lol)

We finally have this  !!!!!!! Baby!!! Thank you!!!!!! >o< Wooot wooot!!!! 

 My sad attempt at ummm trying out a different angle.

 Okay here's a better view...can someone tell me what type of Tulip this is?

 Here's the other flower...(this isn't the only type flower don't worry, and more of these will grow.) Imagine..yesterday before the big down pour of rain we had..they were only budding. 

 Aren't they cute!! They have little monkey faces. ^.^ Now tell me what kind, for I suck at remembering flower names. 

 Yes a bit blury. But anyways this is it. Aaaand these are just the early bloomers. >:) I'll be back with more torturous pictures of flowers!!!!

Thanks for looking~♥

(Pictures taken with my FUJIFILM FinePix A820 which has 8.3 mega you guys think this is a good camera?)

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