Six (six2) wrote in digicams,

Digital Camera Question

Hi Folks!

I am a long distance hiker and I have not really been happy with my cameras over the years. I used a 35mm Olympus Stylus for a while and then a couple of bulky digital cameras. What camera would y'all recommend? I have a few specific needs:

- Light weight, ideally something under 6 ounces
- Uses AA/AAA batteries, I can carry spares (I may not see an outlet for a while)
- Preferably water resistant or waterproof, or light enough that the weight of a waterproof case isn't as bad
- Over 3 megapixels

I'm open to older cameras, the most important thing is something light. If the only good options have a rechargeable battery, can I get spares and is the charger lightweight?

Thanks for your input!
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